Prices to suit every business


£20 £16 $30 $24 26 21
Per month

Perfect for 1 user starting out with live chat. Unlimited chats and all the features you would expect.


£30 £60 £90 £120 £150 $45 $90 $135 $180 $225 39 78 117 156 195
£24 £48 £72 £96 £120 $36 $72 $108 $144 $180 32 64 96 128 160
Per month

Great for a small team. Additional essential features for teams, with availability for 5 users.



Installable or dedicated server options available for customers who need the ultimate in live chat.

Print features
Starter Standard Enterprise
Max number of users 1 5 Unlimited
Chats per month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Chat history 60 Days 3 Months Unlimited
Professional Services/Customisation
Dedicated Server Available
On Premises Edition Available
Windows & Mac Clients
Visitor profile
Real time chat translation
Real time visitor monitoring
Geo-IP Visitor Location
Offline Form
Offline Messages
Email Chat Transcripts
Operator Sent Invites
Transfer Chats
Pre-Chat Survey
Post-Chat Survey
Chat Rating
Chat Reports
Email Reports
Chat Window Colour
Chat Button Position
Department Chat Routing
Chat Button Unbranded
Inline Chat Window Or Popout
Hide Chat Button When Offline
Visitor Banning
Canned Responses
Supervisor Overview
Advanced Security
Google Analytics Integration
Prospect detection
Invite To Chat Rules
Chat Wrap up
File Sharing
Skills Based Chat Routing
Operating Hours
Supervisor Chat Monitoring
Auto Response / Filter Bad Words / Masking Rules
Form Field Capture
Operator Work Scheduling
Auto Accept To Least Busiest Operator
Chat Window Unbranding
Custom Message Styling
Video Chat
Escalate Chat To Ticketing
Integration with CRM
Advanced Reporting
Dynamic Pre Chat Surveys
Shopping Cart Integration - Revenue Tracking
Prospect Agent Integration


Are there additional costs based on the amount of chats we take? No, you can use WhosOn as much as you want. The price you see is the price you pay.

Can I use it on multiple domains?
Of course! We have a fair usage limit of 100 domains.

What does "on premise" or "installable" mean?
This means that you can install WhosOn onto your own servers instead of the hosting that we provide. This way, all of your data remains within your company and doesnt need our servers to process it.

Can I get a discount?
We offer discounts for longer term commitments, and for paying annually. Chat to our sales team to take advantage.

What additional cost is there for support and updates?
There is no additional charge for support and updates, as it is included in all subscription packages.

Can you help us with installation and integration of live chat?
Sure! Take a look at our professional services page for more details on how we can help.


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