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To deliver outstanding customer experience, you need to know who your customers are.

Track and see visitor details such as; location, organization and IP address. See new and returning visitors and engage with those of interest targeting industry specific visitors or by geographic location to improve productivity and ROI.
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A demonstration of the real time tracking for WhosOn live chat software
Real-time Tracking
Track your customers and get actionable insights on who is visiting your website in real-time, and see historic trends of your online traffic, in order to analyze your most generative campaigns/webpages.

Site Entry Alerts
Set up to 32 different triggers based on what your visitor does, and dynamically invite them to chat. Accurately calculate ROI from your online traffic and advertisements using first referrer identification, and set specific rules to engage with your new or returning visitors, in order to offer a unique customer experience.

Prospect Recognition
Intelligent prospect recognition and targeting allows you to view, analyze and react to your visitors behaviour across your website, in order to optimize conversion rates.

As with daily summaries, the automated monthly reports will give you detailed analysis on: Visits, New Visitors, Prospects, Customers, Alerts Free/Paid and much more. Charts and graphs are also available, to allow further visual reporting.

Campaign Management
Track visitors based on the campaign that they used to find your site, such as: PPC, Email Newsletter, Social Media or any source where you have used a tracking code. You can also create real-time 'alerts' for each campaign and view historical analysis reports.

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