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Release Notes

Build NumberBuild DateBuild InformationVersion
14.3.49/8/2014WhosOn 2014 Q3 Release

New style chat window.
    - Popout and embedded options are available.
    - Multiple themes & templates are available.
    - The theming system has been re-worked to enable more flexibility when styling the window.
    - Themes available at launch: Standard, Minimal, Office 365, Mobile Bubbles.
    - New options can be selected in Site Properties -> Visitor Chat -> Appearance.
- Active Directory module now available.
    - This allows you to use Active Directory as the source for your users.
    - You can apply WhosOn permissions to an individual Active Directory group and all its members.
    - This module is an add-on for the Enterprise Installable version of WhosOn.
- Improved visuals when using a high DPI display.
    - Icons & resizing of window reworked.
    - Font display improved in all windows.
- Reporting / Scorecards module.
    - Advanced scorecard reports can be produced from the server.
    - This includes advanced sales reports & per user productivity reports produced and emailed as PDF / Excel.
    - This is an add-on for the Enterprise Installable & Dedicated Server version of WhosOn.
- Gravatar now can be used to display your operator logos in the new style chat window.
- Added extra options to the prospect detection & chat routing rules to allow conditional detection of operator status.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed translation not working for rating field items
- Fixed translation not working for radio options
- Fixed "Select Department" option not working with mobile window.
- Fixed issues when monitoring a chat using the tabbed chats.
- Fixed various scheduled chat timezone issues.
- Fixed various scheduled chat viewing issues.
- Fixed unschedule button.
- Fixed "Stop Video" button so that it now stops streaming the webcam.
- Fixed "Exit & Close" in tabbed chats not working in some circumstances.
- Fixed bug where survey field options with Unicode text could not be submitted.
- Fixed issue with the Hide IP & GeoIP option showing the full GeoIP in some places.
- Fixed some crashes on tabbed chat form.
- Fixed a crash when using the client on Windows 7, Czech Language OS.

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Q3 2014
14.1.133/31/2014WhosOn 2014 Q1 Release

- Server installer improved to work better with multiple operating systems.  Updated packaged SQL Server Express installer.
- Server installer now able to open firewall ports.
- French language client translation included.
- Translation engine updated to use Microsoft Translation Services.
- BETA embedded chat window.
- Added more categories to tickets
- Improved ticket access control so only Admins can delete tickets.
- Two new reports for Scheduled Chats: User Scheduled Chat List and Scheduled Chat List.

Bug Fixes:
- Chinese language fixes in survey field prompt text, survey field option text and some chat window messages.
- Fixes to crashes when closing chat windows inside the tabbed chat
- Fixes to canned responses when inside the tabbed chat
- CRM fixes around occasional hangs and "Run-time error 13"
- Fixed image sizes in chat window to fit image to window, and click to open the full window.
- Fixed file transfer with Unicode filenames.
- Mobile chat forwarding behaviour corrected.
- Scheduled chat bug fixes (general time & date issues)
Q1 2014
13.3.611/10/2014WhosOn 2013 Q3 Bugfix Release

New Features:
 -Improved performance of chat when handling 100s of concurrent chat sessions or queued sessions.
 -Added video chat login & trial request form.
 -Added additional client settings to be pushed out from the Administrator for users or user groups.
 -Added scheduled chats.

Bug Fixes:
 -Fixed some video chat issues around tabs not showing all available options.
 -Fixed some performance issues with tabbed chats.
 -Fixed issue where language could not be forced to a specific language inside the WhosOn Administrator.
 -Fixed issue with apostrophe display issues in usernames.
 -Fixed issue with operator uploaded images if they are large to allow them to be clickable.
Q3 2013
13.3.2811/20/2013WhosOn 2013 Q3 Bugfix Release

Bug Fixes (Client Version 2013.3.56):
 -Fixed Client bug with tabbed chats when operator to operator chat didn't open correctly.
 -Fixed Client bug with tabbed chats where previous upload list did not show.
 -Fixed Client bug with tabbed chats where previous chats list did not correctly populate for the current chat.
 -Fixed Client bug with CRM where search returned an error.
 -Fixed Client bug with unicode characters where they were not correctly saved to file or clipboard.
 -Fixed Gateway bug with skill status display where it failed if there was a space in the skill name.
Q3 2013
13.3.2811/12/2013WhosOn 2013 Q3 Bugfix Release

Bug Fixes:
 -Fixed Chat bug with file upload showing compilation error.
 -Fixed Client bug with tickets not refreshing correctly when another user updated the ticket.
 -Fixed Client bug with tickets not reloading when switching users.
 -Fixed Client bug with tickets not updating when switching to view other users' tickets.
 -Fixed Client bug with tickets not working if the logged in user name was in a different case.
Q3 2013
13.3.2611/6/2013WhosOn 2013 Q3

Client (All Editions):
 -Office 2013 theme available for the WhosOn Client along with an updated icon set.
 -Tabbed chat sessions now available.
 -Added "My Chats" view that shows the current user's chat sessions only.
 -Hot key now available to cycle to the chat waiting the longest amount of time for a response (ALT + Down Key).
 -Hot key now available to cycle to the chat waiting the shortest amount of time for a response (ALT + Up Key).
 -Paused sites can no longer be edited through the site properties.
 -Sites due to expire now have a warning shown in the client.
 -Updated ticket count functionality so that the tab of the ticket reflects the overdue / pending tickets.
 -Improved performance when retrieving ticket lists.
Client (Professional):
 -Copy action now available on survey fields.
 -Copy action now available on form fields.
Client (Enterprise):
 -Gateway can now take skills into account. This means that tracking code can be skill based using sWOSkillNames via JavaScript. Stat.xml now lists the skills for the users who are connected.
 -Users can now be edited while connected to WhosOn and changes are applied immediately. If the user's access rights are altered or the password is altered, then the user will be disconnected.
 -Video chat is now available. For more information, please contact your Sales representative.
 -Added option to disable maintenance procedures.
 -Improved SQL Server database disconnection handling and recovery.

Bug Fixes:
 -Issue with Email2DB co-existing with WhosOn and sending outgoing mail resolved.
 -WhosOn web reports are now compatible with SQL Server 2012 via Native Client 11.
 -Enhanced support for Unicode characters within the chat application.
 -Fixed Chat bug where file upload restrictions were not applied.
 -Fixed Chat Mobile disable name option did not work.
 -Fixed Chat Mobile file upload window did not display correctly.
 -Fixed Chat Mobile offline send message form did not deliver message.
 -Fixed Chat Mobile combo box survey field value not passing through correctly for default selections.
 -Fixed Client bug with forwarding of tickets crashing the WhosOn Client.
 -Fixed Client bug with Form Fields not loading within the chat window.
 -Fixed Client bug where csv export would produce invalid output if there was a double quote in one of the values.
 -Fixed Client where multi-line pre chat survey values would not display properly in the client.
 -Fixed Client where the selected site in the tree view sometimes behaved oddly on right click, and opened the site properties for a different site.
 -Fixed Client issues when very large numbers of tickets were pending across multiple websites.
 -Fixed Gateway issue where gateway only mode settings could not be saved.
 -Fixed Multi-server monitor problems with launching.
 -Fixed Query Service bug where query service did not reopen the database correctly if a database error occurred.
 -Fixed Server bug where user’s site accesses were not reloaded when the Admin saved a user.
 -Fixed Server issue for the use of "Store Chat Text And Header Only When Visitor Has Allowed It In Survey (Header Will Be Anonymised)" not functioning as expected.
 -Fixed Ticketing crash when certain tickets forwarded.
 -Fixed Ticketing security flaw with some IIS settings when uploading multiple attachments to a web ticket.
 -Fixed Ticketing problems with very long ticket subjects.
 -Fixed Ticketing view count being incorrect for large numbers of tickets.
 -Fixed Web Reports security issue where login could be bypassed for some sections.
 -Fixed Web Reports security issue where login could be bypassed for some sections.
Q3 2013
13.1.265/1/2013 -Fixed some issues with the build & install process.Q1 2013
13.1.114/1/2013Chat Window:
 -Mobile Chat the chat will now automatically use a jQuery Mobile chat window for mobile browsers to give a better user experience.
 -Added option to restrict the department selectors with the DeptSelectList strings option
 -Added some additional chat replacement text messages for server responses: WaitingMessage1 ,WaitingMessage2, FowardingMessage, PagingMessage, Says, Uploaded, NotAvailableMessage.

 -Fixed Dynamics 2011 to work with Office 365 authentication type.
 -Updated Dynamics 2011 libraries to the latest verisons.
 -Added canned response skills filter, so that the canned responses shown can be limited to the ones that match the skill of the chat session.
 -Added option for canned response to only work with a click, rather than mouse over.
 -Added operators skills to the connected operators view.
 -Added “meeting” option as alternative to remote control (view starts on your desktop, not the customers).

 -Added option to forward session to an external survey URL rather than using the normal WhosOn Chat Survey.
 -Skill IDs of operators are now available in the gateway server. You can view all the operators’ skills inside stat.xml, or check the status for a specific skill name / id with &sn= / &si=

Bug Fixes:
 -Fixed session management to prevent spam through the leave a message form.
 -Fixed custom language survey option handling.
 -Fixed some Unicode encoding / decoding issues for certain character sets (specifically Japanese).
 -Fixed x-forwardedfor handling in the gateway.
 -Fixed ordering of queued chats in the client.
 -Fixed testpage generation so that it works correctly in IE10.
 -Fixed issue with group chat window popping to front.
 -Fixed log file rescanning where the log file was inaccessible during the roll over period.
 -Fixed some issues with queue assignment & ordering.
 -Fixed user group issues when set through remote admin.
 -Fixed “leave a message” email being sent without department.
Q1 2013
-Access to additional strings and updated documentation so that you can further alter the chat window's text, either for multilingual support or customization (requires the Custom Chat Client for Hosted Users).
-A mobile version of the chat is now available to visitors of your site using a mobile device, such as an iOS or Android device.
-Operator chat session Wrap Ups. These can be used as a way of categorizing or taking further feedback from your operators at the end of a chat session.
-Change your password via the WhosOn Client.
-Configure Proxy Settings when a proxy needs to be set for the WhosOn Client to connect to the WhosOn Server.
-Create a Transcript Email Template for outbound transcript emails from WhosOn to your visitors.
-Drag and drop Server Canned Responses within the tree of responses from the WhosOn Client for easy ordering and re-positioning.
-GEO-IP Updated to October 2012.
-Anonymize IP addresses stored in the WhosOn database.
-Ability to log all Site Properties changes to the WhosOn Server Log.
-Export/Import Sites. This includes the site data and configuration.
-Bulk Edit Sites option within the WhosOn Administrator.
-IIS 7 (and above) ARR support and documentation within the WhosOn Installable Edition.
Q4 2012
12.2.98/6/2012WhosOn 2012 Q2

Main New Features
- Added additional options to the chat routing to handle different types of chat request treatment. It is now possible to queue chats in this way if all operators are busy, and escalate important chats to other skill groups.
- Added proxy options tab to the client.
- Added template for visitor transcript email.
- Added server option to include visit details in administrator transcript email.
- Added “anonymity” options to allow IP addresses to be prevented from storage, or to ask the visitor if it is OK to store the chat session.
- Added operator “wrap-up” to obtain chat disposition from the operator during, or at the end of the chat session.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed issue with Export to Excel.
- Fixed issues with Canned Response Services.
- Fixed issues with the Visit Detail not updating correctly when inside a chat session.
- Fixed bug in chat text rules not handling “OR” rules correctly.
- Fixed some issues in the gateway with the IP mapping.
- Fixed some issues in the chat with strings xml text not coming through correctly.
Q2 2012
12.1.81/19/2012WhosOn 2012 Q1

Main New Features
- Server-based canned responses that allow you to create canned responses that are shared with other users in your organization. Canned responses are now arrange in a hierarchical manner to allow for more complex response setups.
- Operator-to-operator chat rooms can be created. This allows users to join a group-chat wit other WhosOn users within the same organization. Group chats are stored in the WhosOn Database

- Line feeds in chat. You can now enter a line feed in the chat text by pressing Ctrl+Enter. Line feeds are sent to the visitor.
- X-Forwarded-For header support inside the chat window.
- Multi-Language Site Support. Added language specific site strings file to allow multiple translations within a site.
- Exclusions - limit of 100 IP exclusions per site has been removed.
- Email sending - added support for Secure SMTP (such as Google Mail).
- Form-Field tracking - now update in the visit details in real time.
- GEO-IP Updated to January 2012.

- See the on-line help page for details of new features.
Q1 2012
11.4.79/7/2011WhosOn 2011 Q3 Released

Main New Features:

- Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Support.
- Chat Text Rules Support.
- Server Side Chat Transfer Script.
- HTTPS Proxy for Client.

- WhosOn Gateway FastCGI now supports multiple simultaneous processes.
- Prospect Detection can now trigger multiple times per visitor / session.
- Chat Routing can now cancel chat sessions, or select department / user.
- Client can now display a timestamp during the chat session.

- See the on-line help page for details of new features..
Q3 2011
11.4.64/4/2011WhosOn 2011 Q2 Released

Main New Features:

- Customer support ticketing added (Enterprise Edition).
- Tickets can be created via web form, chat sessions or received emails.
- Automated skills based ticket distribution rules based on content.

- WhosOn Client uses new Office 2010 interface style.
- Improved monthly summary view shows more days and aligns weekends for previous month comparison.
- Top keywords/referrers show in summary view.
- Can now play different sound in response to existing chat sessions.
- WhosOn Gateway can now be run as part of IIS using the fastcgi interface.
- Chat window support for IE9.
- GEO-IP database updated to April 2011

- See the on-line help page for details of new features..
Q2 2011
11.4.52/14/2011WhosOn 2011 Q1 Released

Main New Features:

- Skills based chat routing
- Multiple levels of prospect detection
- Visitor condition builder
- Enchanced chat routing
- Operator photos on chat window
- Visitors can upload files during chats (with operator permission)
- Operators can request assistance from managers during chats
- Managers can define auto-accept chat options for operators
- Improved server performance when handling large numbers of visitors.

- See the on-line helppage for details of new features.
- GEO-IP Updated To Quarter 1 2011.
Q1 2011