CRM Driven Engagement

Maximize every customer engagement on chat by integrating with your CRM solution. Send chat transcripts, call back requests & visitor prospects directly to your CRM system. CRM users can view all previous live chat sessions during a chat, allowing an agent to quickly look back at previous conversations.

Supports Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Sugar CRM out of the box. Don't use any of them? Don't worry - we can also help you integrate WhosOn with any CRM via our business solutions team!

Analytics Integration

WhosOn Live Chat can also integrate with your analytics package, helping you to get the best from both real-time tracking and post event analytics. You can analyze how chats have altered the overall visitor behavior patterns on your website via the analytics package of your choosing, and pull reports analyzing chat performance in conjunction with website performance.

Recent projects have involved integrating custom invite and chat events to Omniture & CoreMetrics.

Telephony Integration

We can help you integrate WhosOn Live Chat with your telephony system allowing you to maximize your call center efficiency. You can set a busy or offline status depending on the chats and/or calls that your agents are taking at that time, so that you can find the optimal balance of their time.

WhosOn can also provide bespoke routing for both chats and calls, sending them to the right people at the right time depending on availability – and have a cascade function for busy times. We can create joint reports to show you how well the two channels are working together.


Installable or Cloud

Pick and choose the platform that best suits your organization. Store the data in your own data center with WhosOn Installable, or keep it securely in the Cloud.

We can help you find the best solution for your business to meet your internal and regulatory requirements.


WhosOn uses industry standard secure protocols to ensure that your data is safe when in transit. Protocols include HTTPS, and secured TCP using RSA session key exchange followed by a Rjindael symmetric cipher.

Data at rest can be encrypted using an RSA public key, so only users that possess the private key are able to access the data. This means that you can store your data on our cloud servers, but only you & your employees can access it.


We can help you to meet your compliance requirements. One of our security advisors can highlight the key points of interest regarding information security for the WhosOn product.

A solution can be provided that supports your security and privacy policies, for example PCI-DSS, DPA or HIPAA.


Customer Intelligence

Boost your online channel using WhosOn's state of the art customer intelligence and segmentation technology. Maximize the potential of every customer and prospect interaction.

Analyze and track customers as they move through your website, gathering information on their requirements and segmenting them into groups who then receive specific, time relevant engagement via live chat.

Customer Segmentation

Set rules of engagement based on channel, new or existing customer, previous visit history, geo-location and much more. Prioritise engagements based on historical conversion rates and offer bespoke experiences.

Further optimize and improve a customers experience through personalized messaging. For example, if a customer is looking at a specific product which you can offer a promotion on, then automatically engage them with a message offering a discount or free delivery.

Optimizing Engagements

Using real-time intelligence and customer segmentation, you can build up a picture of the visitors to your site, and begin to optimize your customer experience. Target visitors where you expect to see the highest ROI. Prioritise those with good purchase histories. Improve the efficiency of your service and support teams.

Utilizing post event analytics allows you to further optimize your engagements, allowing you to analyze how each engagement performed. Post chat surveys allow you to get real feedback from customers on their user experience.


Supporting Customers

Live chat can help you to provide the best customer support experience possible. Instantly provide responses to customer queries online, send and receive links to content and even take remote control of end users computers to help resolve an issue.

Canned responses that are filtered to the chat context, with a handy search functionality and automatic replacement of customer specific values give your agent the best possible information to provide excellent customer service.

Help Desk

Pre live chat survey allows agent to enter chat prepared, and also allows chat routing to ensure the best placed agent to support the customer receives the chat. Elevate chats to managers/specialists when agent can't help.

Post live chat survey gives you the option to capture information after the chat, letting you know if you need to follow anything up, and gather important information about how well your agents are performing.


Improve productivity and responsiveness of support by streamlining issue management. Track and monitor the status of customer problems raised via multiple communication channels such as live chat, email or via the web.

Customize the ticket entry. Web forms can be created with custom fields, captchas and attachment upload. Tickets can be created directly from email with advanced rules for the required response time, categories and skills required to answer.

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