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The travel industry has potentially undergone the greatest channel shift to online of any vertical. A prospective traveller looking to book or research their next holiday/excursion will almost certainly do so online rather than offline. As a result of this explosive growth online, customers have come to expect a best in class user experience online when looking for a break.

With this growth has come competition. Airlines, hotels, guest houses, travel agencies, excursion operators – all are in extreme competition over price and service. As a result, it is essential for any business operating in this vertical to provide a fantastic user experience, with proactive customer service and targeted messaging to prospective customers.

Operators within the travel sector have to walk a fine line between providing high levels of customer service and controlling online costs to ensure they get the best return. WhosOn Live Chat is already proven in the hospitality industry, helping to drive a successful online customer engagement strategy at low cost.

  • Prospect detection allows agents to pro-actively contact prospective customers with targeted messages based on visitor intelligence
  • The ability to take simultaneous chats allows for higher agent productivity, as well as better customer satisfaction due to lower wait times
  • The ability to push photos, booking forms and confirmation information directly within a live chat session helps to shorten the sales cycle
  • With competitors a click away, offering a real-time - and right time answer to customer queries can help separate your business from the competition

From online bookings, flight enquiries, hotels and excursion packages and general advice about a particular destination, WhosOn Live Chat enables agents to pro-actively support their online visitors. A potential traveller can select a live chat session with an agent, or be sent a pro-active chat invite via the intelligent rules engine within WhosOn, potentially with a discount booking offer, helping the hospitality industry to increase online bookings and improve customer support.

enables agents to pro-actively support their online visitors

Agents can guide a visitor in real-time through the purchase journey; push a web page file or image directly to the visitor helping them select the most suitable holiday, or advice on a hotel in a particular location, through to booking and paying for a holiday including a opportunity to up sell options such as travel insurance or upgrades.

WhosOn Live Chat for Travel and Hospitality helps a visitor to a website build trust with that particular organization which in turn ensures a reduction in shopping cart abandonment rates. The ability to handhold a visitor and guide them through all of the options they are faced with ensures that the visitor has a memorable and rewarding site visit and ultimately is more likely to purchase.

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