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Online consumers are demanding higher and higher levels of service from online merchants. They want instant responses to questions, from knowledgeable customer support agents to aid with product choices, checkout issues or returns. This is now essential within online retail/ecommerce environments in order for visitors to have a positive online experience.

Think of it as bringing the offline personalized, real-time customer service experience, online. A visitor is greeted on arrival, their needs are ascertained, products that meet these needs can then be shown directly to them and any questions can be answered in real-time.

Live Chat matters – with competitors just a click a way, it has never been more important to provide customers with the experience they expect when shopping online.

Live chat is proven to increase online conversion by up to 30%.

WhosOn Live Chat delivers increased sales/conversion rates; when used effectively it can improve conversion by 30% or more. Displaying relevant offers based on each visitors stage in the buying cycle, holding customers in one channel, quickly answering questions – all of this has a big impact on your ability to convert a visitor to a sale.

integrates with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or SugarCRM

Visitor tracking (as opposed to post event analytics) is an invaluable tool for identifying lead and sale opportunities. Using a variety of information, such as length of time on site, referrer, keywords, visit number, previous chat histories, page views, allows you to identify sale opportunities. Then using intelligent rules and prospect detection, you can send dynamic invites to a visitor offering real-time, and right time help. This lead can then automatically be sent into your CRM application such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or SugarCRM, and chased by your sales team.

Reduced Operating Costs/Improved Employee Productivity – Agents have the ability to handle multiple chats at one time unlike traditional telephony or the disjointed approach of email. Live chat not only reduces operational costs in terms of the volume of employees needed for answering calls but it also leads to significant telephony costs savings.

Reduced Shopping Cart Abandonment – Customer anxiety about whether they are making the right purchasing decision at the checkout stage added to this the lack of confidence with entering credit card details and personal information are key drop off points in the checkout process, and live chat enables an agent to guide the visitor through the process to and help instill confidence to ensure order completion.

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