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Real estate in recent years has been forced to evolve and meet the ever rising demand of its consumers and the customer service levels they expect to receive. Traditionally a real estate agency would have relied on potential buyers visiting their brick and mortar operations, or looking through printed brochures and property publications, but today the internet has enabled the industry to reach ever more people, more quickly, and provide these potential buyers with even more information and options than ever before.

In an online world an agency can now show a selection of houses in detail online that fit a particular budget, have a set amount of bedrooms in a particular area – and then show more images and even provide a virtual tour, without the potential purchaser having to leave the comfort of their own home. These advancements have saved agents time and money and have helped to push the potential purchaser further down the sales funnel.

live chat enabling agents to reach out and to engage

WhosOn is now taking the Real Estate Live Chat online offering to the next level by providing live chat enabling agents to reach out and to engage website visitors at the right time and with the right information. It is not only real estate that are enjoying the benefits but mortgage brokers, lenders, industry professionals and solicitors are also gaining these benefits by providing live chat on their websites to provide real-time support and assistance to their website visitors and converting more online opportunities which would have otherwise been missed.

the agent and visitor can chat in real-time about particulars

An agent using WhosOn can see in real-time the visitor’s journey through the website, the properties they have looked at and are focused on. A user can engage with an agent in real-time by simply clicking a click to chat button to gain real-time assistance, advice and clarification. The agent handling the chat session can see if it’s a returning visitor, what pages the visitor has viewed, their current page and more, further improving the level of knowledge for the agent and making the visitors experience more personal. Once engaged the agent and visitor can chat in real-time about particulars, set of properties, pricing, viewings, mortgages valuations and more.

WhosOn Live Chat also enables real estate professionals to be proactive, where they send a personalized message via a dynamic invite based on intelligent rules. A chat invite encourages a potential customer on the website to engage in chat with an agent. Once a visitor is engaged in a chat session the agent can push images or files to the visitor, they can provide alternative choices on properties that meet their specific criteria, they can up sell other services such as valuations and mortgage approvals, they can even redirect the visitors web browser to a specific page or property listing on the agents site in real-time maintaining a high level of customer engagement and increasing trust.

invite encourages a potential customer on the website to engage in chat with an agent

WhosOn will enhance any real estate web site by allowing visitors to connect to agents directly from the property listing web page and by intelligently engaging visitors in real-time. The custom form option built into WhosOn enables you to link live chat sessions directly with your property database.

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