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The majority of consumers now deal with their finances online – from managing their bank account, or applying for credit, finding insurance and even organizing a mortgage. At the same time, the sheer amount of information that has to be presented to a customer, the choices they need to make and the language used makes the customer experience both confusing and slow; which in turn leads to low conversion rates and poor customer satisfaction.

It is no surprise then that financial services has been turning to live chat software for many years now, and are one of the fastest adopters of this new technology. WhosOn specialized in creating a solution tailored to heavily regulated industries such as financial services, and pioneered the first, installable live chat software solution which met their security requirements – and 10 years later WhosOn still leads the way.


  • Increase online applications, and increase the value to applications
  • Improve consumer confidence and loyalty by helping with financial product decision making
  • Ability to upsell and cross sell to customers
  • Improve customer service and reduce application abandonment
  • Detect prospects and engage them, boosting online conversion rate

WhosOn Live Chat Software provides customer engagement solutions to the financial services industry, helping to improve online sales and conversion, increase customer satisfaction and improve long term customer loyalty.

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