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WhosOn Installable On Premises Edition is usually chosen by industries and enterprise businesses who are heavily regulated and need higher levels of security. With the Installable option, all data, (both chat history and website), is stored in your own MS SQL Database, not across the world!

Extract any information at any time, integrate it with your in-house CRM solution, and customize your graphics to have the look and feel of your brand

Most live chat solutions are hosted services only. WhosOn offers functionally identical between the cloud and self-hosted 'Installable' options. By selecting this option you have complete control and do not depend on any third party services, so incur no on-going costs.


Most live chat solutions are hosted services only. WhosOn offers functionally identical between the cloud and self-hosted 'Installable' options.

The Installable edition runs completely self-contained on your own server. This server can be located on your own premises – behind your own corporate firewall, or you can use an ISP provided dedicated server. You can also use a cloud-based virtual server in the Microsoft Azure or Amazon Cloud services. The server you use for WhosOn does not have to be the same server that hosts your web sites. For larger installations you can load-balance WhosOn across multiple servers.

It just needs to be always on and have a dedicated Internet connection with a static IP address. Regardless of the server that you use, the benefits of a self-hosted live chat solution in a corporate environment are the same.

When visitors launch your chat window from your web site, they will see a URL in the title bar of the browser. If you use a hosted service, the URL will show the live chat provider. With a self-hosted solution you have full control of the domain name. So you could use a URL like ''. This gives the visitor added confidence.
The SSL Certificate registered to your chat URL will show your own company details and not those of the live chat provider. This will give added visitor confidence if they choose to view the certificate. This is particularly useful when providing live chat as part of existing secure pages (such as your check out area).
When hosting WhosOn yourself you have full control over the themes & style sheets used by the WhosOn Chat window. Brand your chat invites and windows to complete your customer journey.
With the Installable Edition you have full access to the SQL database. This contains all visitor records, chat sessions, operator activity etc. You can use this to create your own reports or link to your own systems. You can also create your own security policies on the database and use existing corporate database servers. None of this would be possible with a hosted service.

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