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What is it?

Our Technology Partnerships offer the opportunity for ISP’s, ISV’s, Hosting Businesses, CMS providers and Digital Agencies to sell Live Chat to their own customers via our commercial license. We provide a site license, which means you can install any number of WhosOn Servers within your organization. You can add new servers as your user base grows. Pricing for the Commercial Edition is based on a simple, 'per seat' price. You simply pay for the number of end-user seats that you need. You can add additional seats at any time. We also have opportunities for VAR/Reseller Partners to sell Live Chat into their existing customer base.


Simply, it provides your business a fantastic way to boost revenues with little upfront costs. The Live Chat industry is growing rapidly, and provides you the opportunity to capitalize on your existing customer base. We also offer a no hassle simple solution. Install it on your server, and offer operator seats based on your customer needs, or simply sell licenses on to your existing customer base.

WhosOn Commercial Technology Partnerships

The development of new online tools have indeed provided consumers with a wealth of information that they would have previously had to refer to in a printed brochure or would have resulted in a lengthy phone call or even a visit to a dealership. However, despite the investment made by the manufacturers and dealerships these online tools still do little to influence the sale, or push the customer further through the sales process, what they lack is personalized assistance. A website visitor may potentially be interested in a particular vehicle but needs to further clarify that they are making the right choice, for example will it be within budget, just how economical is it? Or how to organize a test drive? There is little in place to assist these potential prospects to enable them to make a qualified purchasing decision. We offer co-branding or full white label options. The co-branding option allows you to change the product name to 'WhosOn By {yourname}'. The chat window link can be directed to your own web site. The full White Label replaces all references to WhosOn with your own product name and URL in the application and help files. WhosOn customers who prefer a cloud based contact center employ our BPO (business process outsourcing) and Contact Center Partners as a compelling solution. BPO and Contact Center Partners provide multi-channel text and voice based solutions to WhosOn customers, typically through either traditional contract fulfillment or more innovative performance-based commercial models. Our globally distributed partners bring a variety of skills and experience to their services across industry, language, geography, and more. The combination of the WhosOn platform and cloud based BPO services provides an efficient, scalable solution for customers large and small. Naturally, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative partnership opportunities with qualified global BPO and contact center organizations.

WhosOn Partners - Reseller or Var?

A Reseller or VAR Partner has an opportunity to enter into a market and expand our footprint where we otherwise do not have coverage from our direct sales team. These markets can be specific verticals where the Reseller/VAR Partner has a strong customer base.

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