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    Live Chat Software

    Live Chat Software

    Engage with your customers and create a
    memorable customer experience with award
    winning Live Chat Software.

Tracking your Visitors in Real-time

  • Real-time Tracking

    Track your customer in real time, get actionable insights on who is visiting your website in real-time, and see historic trends of your online traffic.

  • Prospect Recognition

    Intelligent prospect recognition and targeting allows you to view, analyze and react to your visitors in order to optimize conversion rates.

  • Site Entry Alerts

    Set up to 32 different triggers based on what your visitor does and dynamically invite them to chat. Accurately calculate ROI from your online traffic or advertisements using first referrer identification. Set specific rules to engage with your new or returning visitors to offer a unique customer experience. Monitor multiple websites and use WhosOn client to view statistics remotely from any PC or tablet.

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Chat Live with your Visitors

  • Increased Confidence

    Understanding your customer base and their preferences can help you send improved, more relevant targeted messages.

    Live Chat personalization helps website owners identify and deliver a truly tailored online experience to customers, building customer loyalty and increasing confidence in your brand.

  • Increase your Sales

    Used as part of your overall customer service strategy, WhosOn software has the ability to increase conversion rates by giving visitors real time access to a live customer support without changing channel.

    Live chat can be optimized to engage with at the decision stage to offer assistance, secure the sale and increase basket value.

  • Widen your Markets

    WhosOn will help you deliver your solution or services to international markets and widen your digital footprint.

    Utilizing the Auto Translate function, you will have the ability to live chat with visitors from a number of countries across the world, increasing your client base.

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Proactive Invites allow you to manually target a website visitor and them to engage in a live chat. A small chat window or image with a custom message will pop up, with a personalized message, and can be used to encourage the visitor should they need help, or encouragement to buy.

Dynamic Invites engage with a higher percentage of visitors all year round without increasing your staff. Improve your customer journey and invite visitors to chat based on triggers and rules you set. Detect prospects or VIP’s and send personalized offers and messages are a great way to create an excellent customer experience, proven to increase retention and conversion.

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