What's new to WhosOn

Highlights from our latest releases


Agent activity logs

A deep dive into each user’s daily chat activity, filtered in a handy calendar view. For each agent, see a report of session logs, chat transcripts, status throughout the day and more.

Send broadcast message

Keep your agents in the loop with broadcast messages. Supervisors and admins can send a mass message to all logged-in agents at once, via a banner alert within the chat client.

Canned response automation

Now, if your agents start typing a message that matches an existing canned response, WhosOn will automatically suggest that response – saving manual rekeying.

Visitor language selection

An addition to the pre-chat survey that allows your visitors to select the language they wish to chat in. They simply choose a drop-down option, and the chat window responds.

Google Analytics feedback

Feed a thorough report of chat progress into Google Analytics. WhosOn sends data on what stage of the chat the visitor reached – start chat, chatting, end chat, post-chat – for smarter tracking.

Dynamic window launching

Launch the inline chat window more responsively, from the click of any website icon, banner, or button of your choice. (Not just from the standard “Live chat” button already fixed.)


Easier option for operators of the Mac client to change their password

Updated and clarified the Twilio connection test messages

Added chat classes to mobile layouts

Translation can now be forced within a chat window

Default new users can now edit local settings permission

All users connected to the settings portal now receive a notification when a change is made

The hide functionality for the inline tracking code is now standardised

Updated site model to handle additional translation settings

The “Powered by” image can now be converted to text

The welcome message is no longer hard-coded and can be changed

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Time zone bug resulting in a reversion to GMT at the start of the day

After re-opening a minimised chat, the window now scrolls to the last message

Reset and resend password error

Offline behaviour bugs, resolving incorrect display timings

A minimisation bug in dynamic window launching

Fixed the configuration of required radio button fields

Removed a spelling error in a visitor reply field prompt

Bugs in the ‘Leave a message’ form affecting resets and links to visitor sessions

A mobile chat bug impacting the display of download links

User deletion bugs, resolving visibility and multiple tab issues