Introducing your latest WhosOn upgrade

Get more integrations and more features, contained within a more powerful framework. Meet the new WhosOn release.

Strategic integrations

Hook WhosOn into more services than ever before possible. With all-new integrations, you can boost your live chat offering with the best in AI, omnichannel and data reporting services.

Bot services

Inject AI into your chat service. WhosOn now offers native integration with all major chatbot frameworks. This includes IBM Watson, Azure Bot Service, Amazon Lex and Dialogflow.

So, you can merge any of the leading AI tools currently available with your existing, feature-rich live chat solution. And you can do so in-house, or as part of a managed service.

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azure chatbot

Azure Bot

ibm watson chatbot

IBM Watson

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amazon lex chatbot

Amazon Lex

Omnichannel calling

Seamlessly switch from chat to call. With our new Twilio integration, you can make calls from inside your WhosOn chat client at the click of a button.

Whenever a telephone number is detected, a ‘call’ option becomes available within WhosOn. Your agents can swap channels as needed – all recorded, all without losing focus.

Custom reporting

Leverage the power of Power BI for your reporting. WhosOn now integrates into Azure Cosmos, with chats securely uploaded into their database service upon completion.

This creates enormous reporting capacity. Since Azure Cosmos hooks into multiple advanced data analysis and visualisation tools, you can manipulate chat data into innumerable formats and reports.

Smart features

Make life a little easier for your live chat agents. The latest WhosOn upgrade has features designed to make your conversations flow quicker, smoother and smarter.


Use auto-text to speed up chats. WhosOn now detects keywords in the visitor’s sent messages, and instantly searches your canned response library for the correct reply to that query.

Then, it suggests the suitable response for the agent in real-time – even with a supporting attachment if relevant. So, you can reply without typing, without searching canned responses.

Dynamic fields

Custom build your own form fields. Agents can send dynamic forms to visitors from inside the chat, to smoothly acquire required data in a specific format.

What might be an order reference number, a postcode, or any other field you need. You simply click to send the necessary form, then get your structured data back in one quick flow.

AI chat summaries

Get handy, AI-powered summaries of your chat sessions. In your display of previous chat sessions, WhosOn now provides an overview of what each chat was about.

Our new algorithm compresses the text of every chat conversation after its completion. For agents, this means at-a-glance abstracts of all customer support interactions via WhosOn.