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Want to know the identity of your website visitors? WhosOn prospect detection lets you visualise, categorise and contact the leads landing live on your site.

Identify your audience

If your web visitor is browsing from within a business, chances are WhosOn can profile them. We use reverse IP address tracking to capture leads, revealing the real people and companies hitting your website.

You see a full profile of your web leads, including all available data such as name, company, and activity on site. Even better, you see it live. WhosOn shares your leads in real-time, so you can engage with leads before they go lukewarm.

Recognise return visitors

WhosOn doesn’t just reveal new prospects. It also recognises return visitors, sharing key facts on their website and live chat history. Our software remembers your users so that your agents don’t have to.

With this level of detail, you can give personalised digital service to your repeat customers and contacts. Rather than starting conversations on an impersonal note, WhosOn enables you to greet your website visitors like old friends.

Convert the unconverted

WhosOn prospect detection means you can convert your unconverted website visitors. As soon as a lead enters your site, they are pinpointed and profiled. Your agents know who they are, what source they came from, and what they are interested in onsite.

That means they can instantly reach out with relevant assistance. Agents can send hyper-personalised chat messages on the spot, using their knowledge to nurture the lead and steer them toward a sale.

Set up smart triggers

This prospect detection is brilliant, but your agents can’t sit tracking lead activity all day. So, WhosOn allows you to set up handy triggers and alerts. Our software can send chat messages to prospects based on rules that you define, to automate the engagement process.

So, you can target prospects by location. You can target by time on site, page viewed, or referral. Simply tell WhosOn who you’d like to target and how you’d like to do so. From there, it will start the conversation on your behalf with smart automated chats.

Cut the junk

You want leads, but you don’t want to be inundated with pointless data. That’s why we take care to ensure that the only leads delivered are just that: real leads. Using your specifications, WhosOn hand-picks only the true sales prospects from your web traffic.

Our software uses intelligent triggers to separate visitors from leads. WhosOn monitors factors such as time spent online, pages clicked and browser activity. Based on these journey points, WhosOn identifies prospects and filters your results.

Integrate with your CRM

WhosOn offers out of the box CRM integration. Whether we’re creating a new record or updating an existing one, all visitor data is automatically pushed to your CRM. That data includes the profiles pulled for your leads, site behaviour, and chat content.

For your agents, that means enriched customer information – minus the manual input. Whether you use Dynamics, Salesforce, SugarCRM or any other CRM system, WhosOn will ship your data where it belongs.

Cater to every click

WhosOn identifies key differentiating factors, allowing you to send chat messages suited for each individual. Engage your customers based on:

Traffic sources
Location & GEO IP
Cart value
Session duration
Page depth
Screen resolution
Operating system
New vs returning visitors

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Came here looking for ProspectAgent? We incorporated our ProspectAgent technology into WhosOn to streamline our product offering. It’s thanks to ProspectAgent that we offer such rich prospect detection features in WhosOn, but we no longer offer the product as a standalone. Two separate products have become a single, stronger one.