WhosOn 2018

After months of painstaking research and development, we’re now able to offer you our best WhosOn client yet. Meet WhosOn 2018.


More for our customers

There’s a lot to enjoy with WhosOn 2018. You get a fresh interface. You get a sweeping range of features focused on speed and support. You get greater ease of use, with chat settings relocated into a separate, stunningly simple web portal.

And best of all, you get it for the same price, from the same team. Your new features have been broken down into five key areas: smart service, speed, support, style, and simplicity. Here’s what they look like.

Smart service

Sentiment analysis

WhosOn 2018 offers out of the box sentiment analysis. After every chat session is finished, our powerful sentiment analysis algorithm scores it to calculate customer satisfaction.

Mood indicators

See how satisfied your chat users are with live mood indicators. WhosOn 2018 recognises key emotive words, and displays corresponding sad or smiley faces at the top of the chat window.

Stored sessions

Closed chats hold useful information and records. So, agents can access their historic chat sessions in a click, and effortlessly search for users, words or dates as needed.

Video chat

Our video chat feature has been upgraded to offer faster connections, a smoother chat to video integration and a more robust performance overall.

Missed chat

To help you catch chat sessions you might have missed, you can now see all abandoned chats alongside names and messages. Then, you can email lost customers directly from within WhosOn.


Suggested response

The second an agent types 3 characters, WhosOn’s predictive text algorithms activate. It instantly suggests the most likely of the last 500 responses, enabling agents to reply in 3 hits of the keyboard.

Pre-set messages

Rather than typing welcome messages to every new chat user, agents can now use our pre-set greetings. Greetings reference names and the time of day, for added context and personalisation.

Intuitive canned response

For the agent, canned responses are now closer and quicker. Keywords are immediately recognised and become clickable, launching recommended pre-set answers right within the window.

Quick tab

Busy agents can simply tap the tab button to switch to the longest waiting chat session. There’s no quicker way to move from chat to chat, and no easier method of managing a queue.

Email recognition

Any email addresses typed within the chat are recognised. For speed and convenience, they’re automatically used to pull in Gravatar data or launch new emails.


Monitor all

From a single summary view, supervisors can see all active chat sessions. Chats are tabbed to display key information clearly – allowing supervisors to monitor all chats easily and at a glance.

Get inline assistance

Use the ‘@’ button to tag supervisors and get speedy inline chat support. By tagging a colleague, agents can request transfers or help, chatting to user and supervisor within the same window.

Follow page

Our former co-browse feature has been rebranded and renovated to eliminate confusion. Easily follow which pages your chat users are visiting, live within the WhosOn client.

Larger transfers

WhosOn now offers two-way file transfers of up to 10MB. This removes the need to disrupt the chat session for file compression, creating a smoother and more convenient sharing experience.

Contexual help

Contextual help is now threaded throughout WhosOn. This makes the redesigned product even easier to use, with support embedded at each stage of the journey.


Stacked chat

We’ve introduced a striking new stacked chat window for your website. The only window of its kind, messages are stacked in a stylish, scrollable box display to wow web users.

Window designer

Build your chat window the way you want it in seconds, using our inbuilt window designer. You can preview precisely what your chat window will look like, and push your changes through immediately.

Clean UI

For agents, we’ve renovated the WhosOn UI so that it concentrates on chats alone. Settings have been stripped away into a separate portal, leaving a clean, focused chat client without the clutter.

Clear queue representation

A revisualised queueing system makes it easier to see pending chats and their priority. With green, amber, and red colour piping in a clear grid format, chat queues are presented legibly and logically.

Inbuilt emojis

The WhosOn client now comes with an inbuilt emoji pack, conveniently located alongside the typing panel. Agents can convey mood at a click.


Settings portal

All your chat settings can be accessed from a custom-built web portal. It’s easy to use, it offers a consistently clean UI, it comes with contextual help, and it allows effortless customisation.

Cleaner reporting suite

WhosOn web charts have been revamped from the ground up. Not only are our reports higher functioning, they are now easier than ever to digest and dissect.

Auto update

Updating WhosOn is now a quick and easy process. Any available updates are offered within the client, and once again, it’s a single-click process that takes seconds.

Single click installation

We’ve streamlined the installation process to remove any unnecessary steps or delays. To get the client set up on your device, it simply takes one click and a few seconds of download time.


You can now give us direct feedback on WhosOn, directly from your desktop client. We’ve removed all barriers so that you can communicate your views without hassle, without even leaving the app.

And the rest

These new features add to the suite of functionality already offered inside WhosOn. We’ve built on our existing chat, help desk and analytics offering to give you more utility, with less clutter.

WhosOn 2018 is stronger, smarter, and simpler than its predecessors.Take it for a test run today.