New: Co-browsing, WhatsApp, and Messenger integration ⚡

Your latest WhosOn update is rich with new integrations. So, rather than hopping from app to app, you can now do more than ever from inside your WhosOn chat client.

Your new features…👀

Co-browse (Upscope integration)

🖱️ Scroll, click, and type alongside your chat users

🖊️ Highlight/annotate the user’s screen with your own mouse

🔒 Collaborate with users securely within the web browser

WhatsApp integration

💬 Handle business WhatsApp messages via WhosOn

⌨️ Receive and reply to WhatsApps from inside your chat client

🖇️ Consolidate inbound conversations into one hub for your operators

Messenger integration

➰ Pull Messenger queries into WhosOn in one neat stream

💨 Offer fast replies without channel disruption

🧠 Apply WhosOn features / reports to conversations from 3rd party sources


  • – When will I get the update?

For cloud customers, we’re rolling out the update on a server by server basis. So, keep an eye on your emails.

For on-premises customers, you can access the update right away by downloading the latest service pack.

  • – Is there any extra cost?

WhatsApp and Messenger integrations both come at no extra cost.

Co-browse, however, comes at a cost for us to deliver. (In parnership with leading co-browse provider Upscope.) So, the co-browse feature is an add-on charged at £20 per month.

  • – How do I set up the new features?

You can configure WhatsApp and Messenger integrations right away, via the WhosOn settings portal. (See our help files for a guide.)

For co-browse, get in touch first so we can enable the add-on on your account.

Sneak peek

Also coming soon to WhosOn…

In-chat payments

Microsoft Teams integration

SMS integration

Enable customers to pay inside the chat window via PayPal

Route web chats into your Microsoft Teams app

Smoothly receive and respond to SMS from inside WhosOn

Need help with a new feature?

That’s what our tech team is here for. Call us, drop us an email, or launch a live chat for support.