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ARR and the WhosOn Gateway

ARR and the WhosOn Gateway

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ARR and the WhosOn Gateway

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The following steps detail how to configure the WhosOn Gateway to run under the IIS 7.0+ (Windows Server 2008 and above) ARR configuration. This is used when a server has only a single static IP address.


Required Items:




Once you have installed the above two items add a new server farm to IIS.


24-10-2012 09-14-19


The name of this is not important, check the “Online” check box.


For the server Address add localhost and check “Online” then click Finish. You will then be prompted to add a URL rewrite rule, click Yes


Within the new Server Farm options:


Go to Caching and uncheck “Enable Disk Cache” and set the “Memory Cache Duration” to 0.




Go to Load Balance and set the “Load Balance algorithm” to “Weighted Round Robin”




Go to Routing Rules and check “Offload SSL”




Go to Proxy and uncheck “Include TCP Port from client IP”




Then click on the top level IIS node, the first item under “Start Page” and select “URL Rewrite” and modify the routing rule that is in place. If one does not exist then add one (The name of this rule isn’t important):




In the Match URL section:

Set Request URL to “Matches the Pattern”

Set Using to “Regular Expression”

Set the Pattern to - ^([^/?]*)(\?.*)?$


Under Conditions you need to add four rules, one for each of the WhosOn applications.


The rules should be set up as follows:


Input                        Type                                Pattern

{REQUEST URI}                Does not Match the Pattern        .*/chat$

{REQUEST URI}                Does not Match the Pattern        .*/iphone$

{REQUEST URI}                Does not Match the Pattern        .*/whosonclient$

{REQUEST URI}                Does not Match the Pattern        .*/whosoncharts$


If you have altered the application names then you will need to modify the Pattern to the names you have given the applications within the Site


Once this is set up open the WhosOn Administrator program then go to File -> Program Options -> Remote Access  -> WhosOn Gateway and set the “Listen On IP Address” to the “ On Software Loopback Interface”. Also change the “Listen For Page Tagging Web Requests On Port:” to 80 and the “SSL Port:” to 443.




Then open Command Prompt with “Run as Administrator” and enter in the following commands:


These commands will cause IIS to end all connections so if you are running other resources from IIS you may want to perform this during a quiet period for your server. WhosOn will not work until this is complete though.




add iplisten {Server IP}

Then press CTRL+C

net stop http

Answer Yes



For assistance with Netsh commands for HTTP please review the following MSDN link - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/cc307236(v=vs.85).aspx


Now start the WhosOn Gateway from the Service tab and check that it is working from the WhosOn Administrator Status Page -> Gateway Test Page.

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