Agent availability

Agent availability

With WhosOn, a simple, clear status is used to indicate agent availability. This is a helpful way to show your team whether you are free to take a chat.

The agent availability status is also how WhosOn knows if chats should be sent your way, or if you are busy or away, and requests should be sent to another agent. Here’s how it works:

  • When you start the WhosOn client, your status will automatically be set to 'online’
  • You can adjust your own status to ‘online’, ‘busy’, ‘be right back’ or ‘away’ in a click
  • Your status will automatically adjust based on activity, marking you as ‘away’ or ‘busy’ as fit
  • When a visitor requests a chat, the request is only sent to users with an 'online' status
  • If no users have an 'online' status, the 'click to chat' graphic will show 'not available'

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