Direct Response

Contact centre
To help drive conversions with a communication solution that doubled up as a lead generation tool
A live chat service that pinpointed, profiled and proactively engaged with online visitors
We are getting a significant return on our investment from WhosOn.

Bringing Direct Response closer to their customers

Direct Response is independently recognised as the fastest growing call centre in the UK. With a team of 800 operators working across Europe, America and Africa, the business is fast becoming a key global contender – and required a live chat solution that could propel its growth.


The challenge

Direct Response had previously used an alternative live chat provider, but remained unimpressed with the functionality and high cost. They were seeking a feature rich solution that would aid them with lead generation, whilst also being cost effective.


The solution

It was WhosOn that ticked those boxes and more. WhosOn was chosen not only because of its integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, also for its design, its ease of use, and its extensive feature-set focused on sales.


The results

With its advanced lead generation capabilities, WhosOn proved the perfect communication solution to both converse and convert. It detected and identified online prospects, as and when they browsed. It enabled Direct Response to reach out and engage those prospects, thereby increasing the chance of turning them into new customers. And it also enhanced the experience of existing customers with its provision of quick, convenient communication.

With its all-encompassing systems integrations and ease of use, WhosOn rapidly transformed the responsiveness of Direct Response.


The feedback

“WhosOn is used extensively for lead generation. We automatically push proactive chat invitations to those visitors that are highly engaged on our website; as a result we are getting a significant return on our investment.

We are also impressed with the speed of deployment and the efficiency of the technical support team, who are always available to answer any enquiries we have about the WhosOn solution.”

Head of Marketing, Direct Response