Web Analytics

Analyze your live chats and website. Are you engaging visitors at the right time? Are potential customers leaving the site? Are customers having to wait for support? Analyze and optimize using WhosOn web analytics software.

Quickly find out if there is a problem using real-time web analytics. Warnings will appear if there is a page error. See how changes to your site are affecting performance immediately – not tomorrow.

Orders not finalizing but can't see why? Watch visitors to your website in WhosOn and see the path they are taking to find the problem.


With over 80 reports available as standard, you have plenty of data to mine for optimization opportunities.

With our web analytics software you can also create custom reports, and have them emailed to you on a schedule. Create overview reports, or deep dive analysis reports.


With the huge range of data available from WhosOn web analytics, you might want customized reports. Our team can help you create various reports tailored to your requirements. Speak with our consultancy team to learn more about the various reporting options.

We can create on-demand or scheduled reports, from data dumps to complex excel spreadsheets. Our consultants can help you to discover what metrics you need to see from WhosOn and deliver them to you in the best way.

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