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Actually see who is on your site – their location, organization, if they are an existing customer or not, all in real-time. From this you can set up rules to engage the visitors that matter to your business.

Using our analytics, you can then optimize your engagement rules - to make sure you are speaking to the right people, at the right time.

Agents can see in real-time who is on the site, and who needs help. For example, you can see a visitor has been on a checkout page for 2 minutes without progressing, or who has been looking at the same question in your FAQ for 5 minutes.

WhosOn software allows you to track and then engage that visitor to offer assistance and convert them to a customer.

  • Web Analytics
  • Analyze and Target
  • Integration
  • Enterprise Resources


No. WhosOn software offers visitor tracking information in real-time, not retrospectively, as it is a tracking solution as opposed to analytics.

It does offer much of the same functionality though, all with the added benefit of being in real-time.

Using WhosOn and Google Analytics in conjunction gives you the best of both worlds.


Tracking in real-time allows you to see what a visitor is doing whilst you are chatting to them.
Are they on the wrong page?
Do they need to look further down for the information?
Is there an error on the page?
Powerful real-time tracking helps you to unlock the potential of your website.

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