Benefits of Live Chat


Live Chat increases sales. Fact. Don’t believe us? Get a free 30 day trial below and see for yourself! By engaging with customers at key drop off points, you can stop a customer abandoning the shopping journey with time relevant help.

Don't let your customer bounce off your pages, offer them live help and make sure you secure the sale the first time round.


Just like in a real life shop, you are more likely to convert a prospect to customer if you go and talk to them and offer help. Online is no different. Live Chat helps to bridge the gap between those two experiences and ensures a customer feels valued and that they have trust in the business.

By engaging in real time, each visitor feels valued and the trust built will give you lasting relationships and brand champions.


Online shoppers prefer Live Chat over other channels, as it doesn’t involve a channel shift or disrupt the customer’s experience to the same extent as phone, and doesn’t involve the delay as with emails. By offering customers the experience you want, you will make them happy customers, creating loyalty and repeat business.

Online shoppers prefer Live Chat to the phone. By offering customers the experience they want, you will make them happy customers, creating loyalty and repeat business.


Live Chat improves first line support resolution, as well as offering their preferred form of customer service. With pre chat surveys customers can go straight to the right team, and agents can take multiple chats reducing customer service wait times.

Agents are able to take chats away from their desks, on tablet or mobile, giving your team more flexibility. Busy managers are also able to monitor and take part in chats on the move allowing a small busy team to keep functioning at maximum efficiency.


With your competitors only a click away, giving customers the experience they demand, whilst at the browsing stage means you keep customers on your site and you keep them happy.

Good customer service will retain your new and old website visitors and increase organic growth by word of mouth. Chat has the highest satisfaction level of any other communication channel in 2014 and by adopting the technology early will give you that competitive advantage over your rivals.

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