Prospect Detection

Using WhosOn's powerful visitor tracking solution, track visitors and predict which ones are likely to need assistance to complete their purchase. Then dynamically invite them to a chat with a personalized message based on their predicted requirements.

Intelligent targeting works via rules - create rules and triggers with specific actions based on what a visitor does. You can set different rules dependant on device too allowing you to cater for mobile and tablet users.


The first step towards intelligent targeting is the segmentation of visitors into categories. Repeat visits, previous purchase history, keyword and marketing campaign that brought the visitor to site, geographic location and more.

These are just some of the ways to help you segment your visitors and allow you to start filtering who would benefit from chat and who wouldn’t.


Dynamically approaching a visitor offering help is good.

Dynamically approaching a visitor armed with previous purchase history, geographic location is better.

But doing all of the above, and then giving them a personalized message based on their needs will drive dramatic conversion and customer satisfaction improvements.


Using intelligent prospect detection, our customers have enjoyed conversion improvements of 25% and higher, and have enjoyed customer satisfaction of 95% and higher. But don’t just take our word, read some of our success stories and judge for yourself.

Alternatively contact us and arrange a demo with one of our team so you can see prospect detection in action.

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