Infrastructure and Security


Pick and choose the platform that best suits your organization. Store the data in your own data center with WhosOn Installable, or keep it securely in the Cloud.

We can help you find the best solution for your business to meet your internal and regulatory requirements.


WhosOn uses industry standard secure protocols to ensure that your data is safe when in transit. Protocols include HTTPS and secured TCP using RSA session key exchange followed by a Rjindael symmetric cipher.

Data at rest can be encrypted using an RSA public key, so only users that possess the private key are able to access the data. This means that you can store your data on our cloud servers, but only you & your employees can access it.


We can help you to meet your compliance requirements. One of our security advisors can highlight the key points of interest regarding information security for the WhosOn product.

A solution can be provided that supports your security and privacy policies, for example PCI-DSS, DPA or HIPAA.

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