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Over the last 10 years, there has been a boom in utilities and communications options available to customers, all in a highly competitive and rapidly changing market place - and with it easier than ever to compare prices and switch providers, it is increasingly customer service, both at point of sale and for existing customers that separates organizations.

WhosOn intelligent prospect detection can help you detect potential customers, or customers who need assistance, and directly contact them offering assistance – allowing you to predict and prevent customer dissatisfaction. The impact on conversion rates and customer satisfaction can be dramatic. The benefits can be taken even further thought with personalized messaging and integration with your existing CRM, allowing you to tailor and target every chat to every customer.

One of the greatest advantages of live chat software is how cost effective it is as a means of communicating with customers. Not only is chat a more cost efficient channel, it is also more time efficient channel as agents can multi-task and take several chats at the same time. Canned responses make it even quicker for an agent to send a message to a customer

detect potential customers, or customers who need assistance

All of the above is possible through cutting edge visitor tracking information, relaying to the live chat software everything from customer location and viewing history, through to previous purchase history and chat history when integrated with your CRM. It is the equivalent of a customer walking in to your store, where a customer service advisor can see what packages they have looked at, know their location, but with the added benefit of being able to pull all previous history with that customer without even asking for their details – greatly simplifying and improving the customer experience. With utilities and telecoms especially where location can have a big impact on what is available, being able to find an individual’s location without asking makes it easier to tailor a customer’s experience to suit their needs.

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