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Live chat or web chat is not a new trend. It’s been around for over 10 years now but with more and more customers switching online it’s becoming a staple way for many businesses to communicate with their customers. Combining live chat, email, social media and even video, today’s “call centres” are becoming more like “contact centres” where agents deal with multiple queries from multiple channels. Talking with your customer no longer takes place just on the phone.

Support, Help Desk, Customer Service contact centres and sales service desks, whether they be in-house or outsourced, are increasingly implementing live chat onto their websites in a drive to reduce cost, improve employee productivity and increase customer satisfaction levels.

We have been promoting live chat benefits to businesses for over 10 years. With live chat now becoming a mature channel in its own right, we look at the reasons why you can’t afford to ignore it.


  • Channel shift inbound contacts away from more expensive channels and to more cost effective ones.
  • Lower cost per interaction and cost per resolution.
  • Better align channel to customer issues by offering the best channel solution.


  • Agents can multi-task by chatting with multiple customers at once.
  • Simplify on demand working through giving agents access from home, as well as from tablets and mobiles.
  • Pre Chat Surveys ensure customers go straight to the right person, reducing time spent moving customers between agents.


  • Enable customers to engage with you from any device, and through the channel that they choose.
  • Pro-actively offer help to customers based on intelligent visitor observation and trigger rules.
  • Reduce wait times through channel shift and multitasking.
  • Increase first contact resolution.
  • Offer help in real-time, at the right time

Utilizing the WhosOn feature set such as desktop sharing, push-pull attachments and chat ‘whispers’, you can give your customers a greatly enhanced contact centre experience.

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