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Why Your Customers are Your Most Valuable Investment

Our intention drives every decision that we make and therefore every action that we take.

So when I interact with a salesperson or representative of a company I’m looking to purchase from, whether that be in a store or online, I often find myself wondering how genuine their motives are.

Do they really care about me, my experience and the product or service that I am receiving as a customer, or are they solely focused on driving sales and earning that sought after commission? 

I can guarantee that I will have been miss-sold a product or service that wasn't ideal for me countless times, and so will the majority of you reading this blog, but often we are swayed by sweet talk and so forth made to believe that there are certainly no better options out there – understandable, companies don’t like competition and certainly don’t like passing custom over to them!

In the past, I have paid the price for being weakened by the pressure of pushy salesperson and ended up landed with half of the product I could have had for twice the price I would have paid elsewhere.

My advice? Do your research first – but not only on the products/services available - on the companies providing them, too.

…And this is where your customers come in.

Nothing is more powerful than customer reviews in generating (or not generating!) new business.

If your customers feel like they have been ‘ripped off’, miss-sold or feel undervalued, then they will more often than not head straight over to your social media account(s), such as Facebook or maybe a review site like Trustpilot, and air their opinion with means to cut down your company’s reputation within an inch of its life (or at least, they will try!).

It’s a well-known fact that customers are FAR more likely to take the time leaving a bad review than a good one – possibly seeking your attention, maybe for a solution to a problem or a compensation (discounts etc.).

Sure, with Social Media sites you can remove these reviews, but it’s not good practise and on review sites such as Trustpilot it’s a lot more difficult to remove a review.

BUT - if your intention is to create a seamless customer journey, with your customer’s interest as main priority, then you’re onto a winner. 


If you invest time (and ultimately money) into your customers, you are bound to reap the rewards. Mistakes may be made and maybe you will receive the odd ‘bad’ review, but if you weigh these up against the increase and quality of the reviews you are going to receive by making your customers feel valued, then they are minimal in comparison. Using this method you may have to let a few customers go and admit that maybe a product/solution elsewhere would be suitable, but they will appreciate this no end.


And so with this it’s understood that your customers are your most valuable investment. Not only will they represent a positive image of your company, but they will also essentially become brand ambassadors (if you play your cards right!).


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Author: Katie Harrison

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