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With over 1 billion Smartphones in circulation, tablet usage increasing 62.8% from 2011 – 2012, and mobile internet usage predicted to overtake desktop usage by 2014, mobile enabled websites are now seen as a necessity for many organizations.

Retail, travel and hospitality have been the early adopters of mobile sites, with travel alone, generating over $6.2 billion in revenue, via mobile, this figure is expected to quadruple to $8 billion by the end of 2013.

For Live Chat Software provider Parker Software, with their, providing a mobile optimized live chat solution to help improve online conversions and customer support, has been at the forefront of their continued development, with their latest release now supporting the latest Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows mobile operating systems.

Implementation, speed of response, detailed analytics and security have played a significant part in the development of the mobile chat for WhosOn. For existing customers, the transition for them to provide mobile live chat is simple with no changes to the software platform or implementation required.

Statistics show that consumers utilizing mobile devices expect a response in seconds from a mobile website, any delay results in a high abandonment rate. WhosOn has been optimized to ensure a rapid chat response for such consumers. The ability for agents to use specific canned responses for the mobile chat channel also ensures quick agent response once engaged in a chat session with a customer.

WhosOn has always provided detailed analytics, with a wide array of reporting capabilities. Reporting has been expanded to provide a real-time overview of operating systems by type so any organization can easily identify and report on the number of mobile users browsing their sites.

WhosOn also goes a long way to protect not only reporting data but also chat data, which often contains personal data and/or payment information, high levels of chat encryption, which is commonplace within their existing chat hosted and installable chat clients has also now been extended to support mobile devices.

WhosOn Live Chat Software continues to evolve to meet the changing requirements of web users, ensuring end user organization can deliver a highly engaging chat experience that helps improve online conversions and support for their customers.

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