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NCP National Customer Contact Centre Adopts Live Chat

NCP is recognized as the UK’s leading car park operator. Founded in 1931 it now has over 200,000 car parking spaces across more than 600 locations, from towns and cities to railway stations and airports.

NCP is passionate about parking services and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Part of this experience is delivered using a number of contact channels such as its Android and iPhone apps, which help customers to locate car parks, find their parked car and more, as well as having a 24/7 call centre to provide assistance to millions of customers.

As part of the contact channels that are available, Live Chat Software features heavily on the NCP website providing customers with an alternative to telephone and email contact. Live Chat for NCP enables customers to have instant contact with an NCP agent to answer any enquiry.

NCP has been closely monitoring the impact Live Chat has on the business, and surveys conducted have highlighted some key findings which have enabled them to gain an overall 250% return on their investment.

As a result of these successes NCP has adopted Live Chat and this now forms a permanent part of its National Customer Contact Centre.

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