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Live Chat Software Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Parker Software, announced today the integration of their Live Chat Software, WhosOn, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.  Integration is also available with Microsoft Dynamics CRM online, which delivers Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 as an on-demand service.
This new release follows Parker Software's previous successful integrations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 for both their live chat application and also their Email2Db advanced email automation solution.  This latest release provides improved flexibility for greater customisation.  

Key to this recent development was the ability for both applications to work in harmony, to enable enterprise scalability, easy interoperability with the dynamics platform and point and click configurability.  The integration now brings a whole new level of website visibility and interaction, with the WhosOn solution enabling the tracking and engagement of website visitors in real-time, ultimately adding additional levels of productivity to sales, marketing and customer service departments and marketing organisations worldwide. 

Through the WhosOn interface, live website visitor details or prospects can be sent directly to Dynamics CRM 2011, as can call back requests and live chat transcripts which in turn can be added to a case, the history of a prospect or created as a lead or customer.  This is an incredible tool to focus prospecting on the visitors who have already shown an interest or conducted research in your company via your website. 

Further enhancements to the WhosOn Live Chat platform include a new interface design to reflect a standard Microsoft product for enhanced user personalization, ease of use and improved user adoption. 

WhosOn live Chat, with the Dynamics CRM 2011 integration will now provide organisations the necessary insights to enable them to respond quickly and have a competitive edge in an ever-changing world of business.

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