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Industry Focus Millennials Customer Service Channel of Preference Retail Part 4 of 4

Welcome to part 4, and the close, of our retail focused blog series.

Over the past 4 weeks, we have covered every depth and breadth of the extensive benefits of using live chat in online retail. 

But live chat is not just an alternative communication channel (at least, WhosOn’s live chat software isn’t!), combined with visitor tracking and analytics, it allows you to pro-actively engage with website visitors, with personalised content, at the precise moment they begin to look like they require assistance (just like you would in an offline store!).

Now we take a look at a recent report by help desk systems evaluation firm Software Advice (‘the authority on software selection’), which has highlighted that over half of millennial customers prefer live chat to phoneover one third have used it more than once

Online Shopping

The survey indicated some intriguing live chat preferences, with a much smaller percentage of millennials older counterparts (aged 35 or older) prefer using live chat to phone in an online shopping experience (27%, to be exact).

This shows a direct relationship between a consumer’s age and their preference for live chat.

Moving forward, the results suggest that there must then be some form of correlation between communication methodsused within the online companies.


Craig Borowski, Market Research at 
Software Advice, commented:

“As part of the research for this report, we spoke with around 30 businesses that currently use live chat to provide customer support; their experiences were overwhelmingly positive! Many drew our attention to the fact that support agents are much more efficient with live chat than with phone, primarily because they can handle multiple interactions simultaneously.

Others pointed out that live chat is an excellent ice-breaker: it makes it easy for prospective customers to ask the questions they have, without requiring the level of commitment or effort needed for a phone call or email.

And some online retailers raved about live chat's co-browsing function, where agents can redirect the customer's web-browser to help them find a product or answer to a question. That function, along with the other benefits mentioned, show just some of the values of live chat.

It's a value that can't be replaced by any other service channel."



Regardless of industry, the most effective customer service is always designed with an effortless customer journey in mind. Businesses must be there at every point during this time, not just when problems arise – preventative rather than cure, as the saying goes!

This dedication to your customers will ultimately build trust and loyalty; first hand experiences of your company from your customers by word of mouth is the best way to build your business image.

Live chat is direct, relevant and the rapidly increasing customer service channel of choice for consumers.

If your business hasn’t implemented live chat, you should really be asking yourself ‘why not?’! 

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Author: Katie Harrison

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