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Industry Focus Invite Online Visitors to Chat Retail Part 3 of 4

Proactively Help your Online Customers

In last weeks blog post, I discussed why it is important to have a live chat service available to your website visitors. I compared the online and offline journey in terms of engagement and the customer journey. 

Now I want to look at HOW and WHEN you should engage with your website visitors with the use of Dynamic Invites and proactive engagement.

The Current Scenario

How many times have you thought about purchasing something online, but have lacked the confidence to do so due to some niggling doubts? Now ask yourself – if you had been in a store, would you of purchased?

Sure, not all the time! But I bet there are times you would have done. Why?

Maybe it is because you received a warm ‘arm around the shoulder’, suggesting various options? Maybe seeing real people, helping others, made you feel confident about the store? Maybe that niggling doubt you had was quickly answered by a helpful member of staff? Maybe even at the point where you were about to leave, a member of staff secured the sale with a quick 5% off.

But that doesn’t happen online. Here is our store. Here is the product. Here is the price. Here are the information pages if you have any questions. And if you REALLY insist on talking to us, by all means phone this expensive pay by the minute number, and we promise to help you within 15 to 20 minutes. Or email us and it will be within 48 hours

Come on guys – is that the experience your customers deserve? Would you buy in that scenario? Would you feel loyalty to that brand after that experience?

What you NEED?

There are many chat providers in the market place today and all of those providers have differing levels of features and functionalities. In order to engage with your customers, you will need the option to send Dynamic/Proactive invitations.

How do these work?

You should have full control as to when your customer is invited to chat. The first thing to do is to decide on the trigger points for dynamic invites. These trigger points can include; a specific journey your customer has taken through your site or a visitor on your pricing page for more than 10 seconds.

After you have decided at what point in the journey you want to dynamically invite your customers to chat to you, you can look at designing your invites.

Throughout this blog post I have included a number of sample designs for invites. With WhosOn these are fully customisable and you have the flexibility to change the shape/design and call to action at any point.

Invite your customer with corporate or seasonal invites, offer discounts for a day or month to increase sales in known difficult months.

With the ever changing shopping habits of your online visitors, this function allows you to change your tone, offers and engagement whenever you like. In the Retail industry this is of the upmost important.

Author: Tara Burton

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