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Are Google Trying to Salvage Hangouts with New Live Chat Support Feature

Google have recently confirmed to TechCrunch that they are in the process of testing a new Live Chat Support service for businesses, which will feature in search results alongside the company’s Google reviews, address, open hours and contact information.

Dizengoff restaurant has been one of the first companies to see the closed test implemented on their Google profile; call me biased (working for a Live Chat company), but to my pleasure, it just looks so fitting!

When the Chat button is clicked, a chat is automatically launched through Google Hangouts (although due to the closed test, it seems it is currently out of action for anyone outside of Google.)

But is this just a last chance saloon to save Google Hangouts?

I think not.

Over the past eleven years, Google Trends has seen a drastic increase in interest for search terms relating to Customer Service and in turn, Live Chat.

I compared the four key-terms:

- Live Chat Software 
- Live Chat Application 
- Business Live Chat 
Customer Service Software 

The results were as I expected – Live Chat has been around for over a decade, but it has really hit the radar in the past 5 years:


   Customer Service Software dominated the search results in 2004:

   6 years later, the 3 other search terms are slowly creeping up into recognition; Live Chat Software is now gaining on the once dominant Customer Service Software:

   And finally, 2015 has seen the search terms beginning to even out, with businesses realising the importance of implementing Live Chat.