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5 Problems Your Business Will Undoubtedly Face Without Live Chat

It’s a rapidly growing industry – and no wonder!

Live Chat is the most effective and result generating online communication method available, and now even Google are looking to implement Live Chat amongst their search results.

So why should you implement Live Chat on your website? Well…here’s what will happen if you don’t.


1: Lose sight of the competition

They will be lengths ahead. Kind of inevitably, really.

Online businesses/retailers are quickly learning the importance of offering instant support.

Before you’ve even had chance to blink, your competition will have implemented live chat. Your prospects will not only appreciate the availability and the use of this feature, but they will also see its presence on your competitor’s site as more professional than ones without (yours!)…

But who can blame them? If you’re not offering your customers the extra resource and support that others are, they will automatically sway towards those who do.


2: Suffer unnecessary expenses

Phone calls are expensive. In fact, on average, they are 50%* more expensive than a live chat.

Although, they’re not just a cost for you – if your customer has a query, they will have to pick up the phone - so your customers will not only LOVE you for allowing them to avoid a channel disruption during their online journey, they will also save some money!

Think of email too – the resource and time needed to sort a backlog of email enquiries is also pretty costly.


3: Unresolved customer pain points

Live chat provides immediate access to customer pain points – and allows you to solve them faster than ever before. Although social media is a great (and popular) platform for dealing with these pain points, it isn’t instant…

…And anything that gets posted is there for all of your prospects and customer base to see. Not great if you have a customer kicking up some dust about your company or product. Ouch.


4: You become irrelevant

The Omni-channel communication shift has already begun – and once it’s in full swing, well, you’re not going to stand a chance if you can’t offer a seamless customer experience across all channels of communication.

It’s as simple as that, really!


5: Lost prospects

And last, but certainly not least, lost prospects.

The scenario: a website visitor is looking at a certain page on your website, but there’s something they’re not sure about. They mill over it for a short while, become frustrated, maybe look for an answer on your FAQ. They find nothing, so they now leave your webpage and look elsewhere.

Well…that’s awkward.


With WhosOn Live Chat you can not only chat with your visitors, but you can track their activity across your site, too.

The untapped potential that this platform has is endless – not only does it allow you to anticipate your prospects needs, allowing you to personalise their experience as you would do offline, you can also capitalize on your existing customer base. Win!


Author: Katie Harrison

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