Analyze and Target

Boost your online channel using WhosOn's state of the art customer intelligence and segmentation technology. Maximize the potential of every customer and prospect interaction.

Analyze and track customers as they move through your website, gathering information on their requirements and segmenting them into groups who then receive specific, time relevant engagement via live chat.


Set rules of engagement based on channel, new or existing customer, previous visit history, geo-location and much more. Prioritise engagements based on historical conversion rates and offer bespoke experiences.

Further optimize and improve a customers experience through personalized messaging. For example, if a customer is looking at a specific product which you can offer a promotion on, then automatically engage them with a message offering a discount or free delivery.


Using real-time intelligence and customer segmentation, you can build up a picture of the visitors to your site, and begin to optimize your customer experience. Target visitors where you expect to see the highest ROI. Prioritise those with good purchase histories. Improve the efficiency of your service and support teams.

Utilizing post event analytics allows you to further optimize your engagements, allowing you to analyze how each engagement performed. Post chat surveys allow you to get real feedback from customers on their user experience.

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